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Check status of your Inner Peace today

You are in harmony with the universe when...

  • You contemplate a situation before acting on it.
  • You tend to stand back to properly assess a challenge rather than jumping into it.
  • You rely on the lessons of past experience to respond to life, rather than pull on the habits of fear and insecurity.
  • You recognize the beauty of every moment, regardless.
  • You look inward first for your solutions.
  • You blame no-one else for your mishaps.
  • You avoid conflicts.
  • Little things bring you joy.
  • You see humor in awkward and uncomfortable situations.
  • Laughter comes easily.
  • You show your love and respect for nature at all times.
  • You seek out the light in all of its myriad forms.
  • You convert worries into introspection.
  • You demonstrate a sense of care and compassion at all time.
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