Create a World Peace Mandala.

Heal Mother Earth, Heal Yourself, Heal the World

Create a World Peace Mandala

I want to know more about the Peace Mandala

A Peace Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol, representing the universe. They take on an organic form, typically circular in design, but it can also be a stable square, with a central point or image, and intricate geometric patterns radiating outwards.

How will a Peace Mandala impact me?

The act of creating a Peace Mandala brings healing. Create a Peace Mandala to heal and reclaim inner harmony and peace for all, and to preserve the sanctity of life on Mother Earth. It is your aid in meditation and your personal channel for cosmic healing energy.

How does a Peace Mandala empower me?

A Peace Mandala can be created anywhere from local grains, seeds and legumes that are blessed with mantras, prayers and positive intention. By invoking the power of the Mother, we are able to empower our individual memory of wellness and awareness to nourish, nurture and heal ourselves, each other, and the Earth.

Download the Tool Kit to Create a Peace Mandala in Your Community